Sunday, 13 August 2017

Short Girl


Being a short girl is not a bad thing actually. Well, i know it because 'AKU PUN PENDEK JUGAK'. My height is 143cm which lebih kurang 4'6'' which actually very short i think. Everywhere I go, I'll be the shortest one. Shortest in my class, shortest in the gang, everywhere unless there's a kid there but sometimes even a 12 years old kid is higher than me. Just imagine I'm 20 and that kid was only 12 but when I look at her I have to look up. When I say shortest, of course my two younger sisters are higher than me. It's not what's wrong with me since I'm the eldest but I'm the shortest, maybe it's genetic. When I was in school, since primary school or should I say since kindergarten, I did not participate in any kind of sports. Both of my sisters were school athlete. Lompat jauh, pecut, beratus-ratus meter apa ntah, just give it to them. Masa middle school pun, I was active in kawad kaki only. Maybe that's why they're higher than me apart from those genetic ke apa ntah.

When I say it's not a bad thing actually being short, yes it is. I know, there's a lot of short girl yang rasa insecure but trust me, being short is a gift.

1. Always look younger than anyone else. 
When I go to an event or whatsoever with my family, people will think I adik, and my adik is my kakak. See, people also still think I'm a school student. Strangers always ask me "Adik ni tingkatan berapa?".

2. Get more attention.
When I was in school, I usually go to a lot of camp. So, masa kat kem, jurulatih will always notice me. They will be like 'pendeknya budak tu'. Masa jungle trekking, trainers will say to my friend to keep an eye on me, takut hilang nanti.

3. Always in front.
Taking pictures, line up in the assembly, line up before class, I will always at the front.

4. Every boy is taller than you.
I don't remember seeing someone at my age that was shorter than me. So, maybe you'll never have a boyfriend that is shorter than you and have a taller boyfriend is super cute.

Still, there's something that you have to let go for being short. For example, you can never be a pilot or a police if your height is hundred and four something like me. Sometimes, there's clothes that you can't simply wear. I can't just buy any palazo that I like because most of them are too long for me. I just wish that there's a special boutique for short people.

Whatever it is, don't forget to say Alhamdulillah. Allah know what's best for us. Being short is cute and it's not a super big problem. You just have to love yourself and be thankful and your life will be much better. You are beautiful the way you are. Short is cute and I'm cute. hehehe.


  1. Short girls are cute ^^

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