Friday, 7 April 2017

Blogging #3


Well, it has been a while since I didn't log in to this account and it has been a few years that I didn't post a thing to this blog. Ayee, since I have been reborn ok no.. since I have finished my study so I think that I will have a plenty of time SO I can update this blog frequently. I have a few month before continuing my study in Bachelor of Mechanical (Automotive) in UniKL MSI.

I have in love in Puisi. Sejak bila pun entah la. But what I know is aku rasa puisi dapat sampaikan sesuatu benda dengan lebih mendalam compared to kalau sampaikan dengan ayat bahasa melayu baku yang biasa mahupun menggunakan ayat bahasa melayu biasa dengan dialek negeri masing-masing ataupun bahasa inggeris dengan pelbagai accent.

So, maybe we'll start again. I'll write what I wanna write, do whatever that I wanna do and maybe I'll post a few of my Puisi that I have written. Perhaps.