Thursday, 10 August 2017

CSR in Satun, Thailand


On 18/03/2017, me and my friends and a few of FiST student yang pada masa tu sebenarnya dah tamat pengajian di Kolej Mara Kuala Nerang had joined a CSR. Pehal skema do ayat. CSR ni under kolej. We went to Satun, Thailand.

First tu, I really wanna go but they said it's only for CSR club and they had opened it to other students as well but I'm too late and masa tu dah penuh. I was like 'Okay, maybe bukan rezeki aku nak pergi'. Khairin (my best friend), was the ajk of that club so kiranya dia pergilah. Kalau dah namanya rezeki, one day aku tengah makan-makan and suddenly Khairin cakap 'Weyh, cepat bukak group cepat'. Aku pun kalut gila bukak group. Tengok-tengok ada sorang student ni, she can't go and she wanna find someone to replace her. Aku apa lagi, cepat-cepat PM.

Takdir dah membawa aku untuk satu bas dengan crush. Enough of the nonsense. We went there by bus. Well, I can't exactly remember what time we're leaving but if I'm not mistaken at 9 or 10 like that. It takes about two hours to arrive at the boarder and that time ramainya Ya Rabbi. We're standing at the boarder line just to cop that passport punya la lama and I think for one step takes about an hour. Masa tu dah pukul 12 tengah hari dengan beg bagai lagi. Dengan muka tangan burn tapi nasib crush kat depan kan so tak rasa panas sangat la. hahahahahahaha. Disebabkan lama sangat menunggu, pengarah collect all of our passport and I don't know how, and we just passed through the boarder and went to the transport yang tunggu kitaorang.

At last, we arrived at Kampung Pasir Panjang, Satun, Thailand. It's so beautiful. Clean and beautiful. Villagers sambut dengan kenduri bagai and of course the food there is  so delicious nasib aku ni tau malu je kalau muka tembok dah lama aku tambah berkali-kali. Not to mention, aku ni spesis kuat makan tapi badan kecik. Then, we're divided to a few groups and each group had their own family angkat. Luckily for me, me and Khairin were in one group. Yay. and the other two was Amira and Nazu. We're the anak angkat tok imam of that kampung. Jangan memain kau.

Matrik students and I forgot their name. Sorry xD
Me and Khairin

This is when we waited in the masjid. Solat and so on before they asingkan kitaorang.

This was the first day after we got our family angkat, we went to explore the kampung. Mak and ayah asked us to use the motorcycle but since it's four of us so we thought we just walked. Sorry for the blur picture. I had problem with my lens. The auto focus is broken so I just used the manual focus but since it's someone else who took the pic so it became that way.


This was our first night at Thailand. We just discussed what to do, who's in charge for cat masjid and who's in charge to teach budak-budak and so on.

Pemandangan dia cantik gila. Khairin yang bawak motor bawak aku kat sini.  

Azab gila aku nak jalan atas kayu-kayu tu. After a few moments of pujuk memujuk aku pun jalan ke tengah sikit.

This is the second night. Ada majlis sikit malam tu. Ada persembahan but we went a bit late sebab aku makan banyak gila masa kat rumah. Like memang banyak gila-gila sampai tak muat perut aku.

Boys kena buat persembahan and they sang Sebiru Hari Ini by Edcoustic.
Our family

This was the last day which was the third day in Thailand. Sedih tu jangan cakap la. Memang sedih.

Me with ayah and mak. It was so hard to say goodbye. They were very kind and lovely to us. We're very glad to know them and be their anak angkat even just for three days.

After we said our goodbye, we went to University of Songkla. Nothing much but we got a lot of knowledge. Basically, it's all about medical and I'm not really that interested in that kind of stuff. They went there maybe because wanna give motivation to the SPC student I think (medic student). But it's my first time of course seeing corpses everywhere. Manusia yang diawet dalam balang kaca. I thought I was in other planet or something. Rasa macam tengok alien. It was kinda funny but scary at the same time. You can see real brain, real organ and everything is real. That place is really not for me. Ughh.

Bertolak balik Malaysia pun dah petang dah. We arrived at 9 pm i guess. Well, that's my story about my last memories with KMKN, with my friend, with my Ichigo. It's very enjoyable, fun and I get to know many things. Not all people are lucky so we should be thankful with our perfect life. Help people, make them happy. It's for our akhirat jugak kan. Apa salahnya.

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