Monday, 24 March 2014



Everyone have ambition right. One of my ambition is to be an architect. But now I have a problem but not a very big one. Sometimes I think maybe I should think it next time but I'm already seventeen. After SPM I must decide what I wanna be. Yes, I love to be an architect but a doctor seem nice too.

You know what. I am afraid of blood. A few month ago my class had carried an experiment. We must take a few drops of our blood to check what type it is. Not everyone have to do it. It depend on yourself to do it or not. I was nearly fainted and a few times of vomiting. Isn't that funny. Haha. I have haemophobia.

I do not like to be a doctor but I can help people if I be a doctor. I can help my family if they are sick. Instead of doctor, i like to designing. I like to draw houses and many more. Then I think again they are so many people who study medic and I do not have interest in medic. I have but so little. My final decision is I wanna be an architect. Done.....

p/s : engineer is fine too.. #pray for MH307

Saturday, 22 March 2014



Holiday. Yeah..
There's a week without school but full of homework. That is normal for every student on every holiday. I've loads of homework to do actually. At first I feel so energetic to do my homework but when I'm in front of laptop........................................................................................*_*

You know what. I am wondering. Am I a form five student? The answer is YES!! I've SPM this year. Oh my. I've to study hard to get what I want. Last few week there was a topical test and i've just got a few papers. I think this isn't a good place to tell my marks to everyone.

And for this year I think I had fall in love with Exo.

aren't they cute??
I like D.O and Sehun very much. Not to forget BaekHyun. He's cute to. I did put CNU's picture on my calculator. Hopefully the prefect doesn't find it because if they do i'm gonna be in hot soup. Not so hot laa cause they'll remove the picture and take my name. 

Isn't he cute???

Thursday, 20 March 2014

First Post in 2014


It's been a long time since i didn't post a new entry. Yea.. i know. I was quite busy this in this three month. Why so sudden?? Entry in english?? I've got an A- in english and i think this is the way i can improve it. And also i've just done my english oral yesterday. 

I'm quite busy this whole year. You know being a form five student is always like that. Not only me. It happen to my friends too. Busy with school, tution and so on. I almost forgoten my blog's password. That shows how long i didn't open my blog.

I cannot always post an entry a day or a week this year. I must focus on my SPM. I did not get staright As for PMR so i must try hard for this coming SPM. Listen for what they had said this morning makes me feel more energetic to study. Haha. Quite funny laa..hurmm.. 

P/s- i like exo this year...