Wednesday, 26 December 2018

The Better One

Hi guys.

It has been a long long long time since I made a new entry. As for today, I think for the second time I wanna let out what my heart think. eh?
I wanna tell you guys, that my life has been better since the last time i posted an entry regarding myself about the unrequited love.

Someone had given me this sentence.

“Let the good one go, the better one will come.”

That moment I was so heartbroken because I like someone, I confessed and I got rejected. I feel so stupid at that time because that was the first time in my life I told someone that I like about my feelings. So stupid of me.

Time passed.

I enjoy my study life. I have a guy friend at that time. He knew about my sad unrequited love story. After that heartbroken thing and all that stuff, I told myself that I don’t want to get my heart hurt again. Cukuplah aku nampak dia tiap-tiap hari waktu tu. Aduhmakkk.

He is my classmate. I don’t really remember how we get along but he is so special. I realized that I like him a few weeks before our first semester break. But that also gotten me into problem. Biggest problem. I’m in love with my guy friend and at the same time he likes my friend. I thought that I need some space and you know what I had taken a form. You know what form? Course changing form. 
Tapi itulah…tukar course jumpa crush lama. But I thought it’s better that way. Tapi lupa hantar so hahahahaha.

Masa cuti tu hand phone 24/7 kat tangan so that if he whatsapp me I can reply it ASAP. Sedih tu sedih tapi I don’t know why. Aku stay.

After all that happen, I can say that it’s fate that bring us together. He likes me too. Hehehehe. Of course it is not me who start to confess first but I gave a few hint. 


And now I am so happy with him. He is the better one that come to rescue my heart from getting hurt again and I hope we will always be together sampai kahwin sampai bila-bila.

To that someone that drop the comment in my previous entry, the one who had given me the motivation. Thank you so much. I have found my better one.