Wednesday, 10 January 2018


Hi and hello

My name is Aika and I am a student at University Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Spanish Institute. 
After 10 weeks of studying and after one sem being a student, what can I say is that it's so fantastic. Well, being a student again and pursue my degree is my main priority. Well, of course, I do need my degree if I want to be an engineer kan.

What is MSI?
MSI stands for Malaysian Spanish Institute which is located in Kulim, Kedah. Other people yang dengar will be like
"seriously kat Kulim je?"
"MSI? Kat mana tu, tak pernah dengar pun."

As for me, no matter where you study as long as you gain knowledge then it's okay. Pergi nak belajar bukannya nak bersuka ria riang gembira.

Walaupun MSI tu is not like everyone's dream for a university, tapi entah la aku suka study situ. Walaupun MSI tu kecik but still there's a big hall, a big field, gelanggang futsal, netball and so on. Ada lima hostel, 4 for boys and 1 for girl. There you go. Imagine how many girls are there in MSI? Not much but boleh la hidup tu. It's like another world with boys. Just kidding. Aku pun tak pasti apa aku mengarut ni.

In my class, there's 24 students and only 4 girls including me. Okay la tu at least I'm not alone anymore. Only one academic building and dekat dengan hostel so kalau nak keluar five minutes before the class start pun still sempat.

Well, i don't even care what people will say. Contohnya macam "kenapa masuk ipts? yuran mahal kott." Ye I know the tuition fees is a lil' bit expensive. Bukan a little bit la memang expensive pun. RM7500 per semester but hey we got MARA here. Yang penting masa depan aku terjamin. Suratan takdir aku kat situ.

Sekian sahaja aku mengarut hari ini.