Monday, 24 March 2014



Everyone have ambition right. One of my ambition is to be an architect. But now I have a problem but not a very big one. Sometimes I think maybe I should think it next time but I'm already seventeen. After SPM I must decide what I wanna be. Yes, I love to be an architect but a doctor seem nice too.

You know what. I am afraid of blood. A few month ago my class had carried an experiment. We must take a few drops of our blood to check what type it is. Not everyone have to do it. It depend on yourself to do it or not. I was nearly fainted and a few times of vomiting. Isn't that funny. Haha. I have haemophobia.

I do not like to be a doctor but I can help people if I be a doctor. I can help my family if they are sick. Instead of doctor, i like to designing. I like to draw houses and many more. Then I think again they are so many people who study medic and I do not have interest in medic. I have but so little. My final decision is I wanna be an architect. Done.....

p/s : engineer is fine too.. #pray for MH307

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