Saturday, 22 July 2017

Video Editing


It has been a while. Well, i'm on my holiday now so i guess i will have time in writing my blog. Now, i'm more focusing on video editing. When i was at school or in college, i did a few editing la. Sebab masa tu ada homework or assignment yang related dengan video making, short drama and so on lah. So aku terpanggil untuk edit video tu since aku memang suka dengan benda alah ni semua.

Since I don't have anything to do for a few month, I'd played with Adobe Premiere and I love it of course. Before this I did my editing with Movie Maker and Sony Vegas Pro but now I think I'm gonna stick with Adobe Premiere Pro. Lagi senang dari Vegas Pro kut. Pendapat aku la since aku ni tak adalah terer mana sangat dalam editing ni.

Tadi aku try a few tricks by myself, and I DID IT. Aku pernah jugak terfikir nak buat vlog but I'm not really the type yang boleh bercakap or that kind of makhluk yang bercakap pandai.  Well, aku okay ja in talking actually but I don't know what I should talk about. Dan kemudiannya aku simpan dalam-dalam je lah niat aku tu nak jadi vlogger.

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